Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The start of a new season

As of yesterday I finished my spring semester! I finished my painting but feel it still needs more work. I am proud of the background but it needs some touch ups. Inspired by the New York artist James Rizzi!
Since spring semesters over with, now is the time that I can work on projects of my own.
I have been more inspired then ever now and I can't wait to bring my ideas into reality!
My Summer list:
1. Create graphics to print vintage fun-loving t-shirts
(been obsessed with Wildfox Couture!) www.wildfoxcouture.com
2. College research! I want to research as many schools as possible to find out where I need to be. I feel that I am more than ready for a change in my life right now.
3. Lose the weight I want to!
4. Paint, paint, and paint I want to be able to develop my own style.
5. Be free and not sweat the little things in life, lately life has showed me how short it really is and I need to make the best of it.
6. Get an internship! I want as much experience as possible.
My dream job is NYLON and it has been since I was 15!
7. Go on a vintage spree...vintage tees! I want a collection in order for inspiration towards my t-shirt line.
8. Travel back to my home away from home, Brooklyn NYC
9. Network with as many people as possible in order to learn the ways of this world.
10. Go on adventures with Joseph as much as we can!

Summer 2010 is calling my name!

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