Friday, July 9, 2010


July is here and I need to start keeping a journal.  I have so many projects in mind that I need to get down on paper, or text. Lately I have been working on re-modeling my room.  Your room should be all about you.  It is the place where you live, a place of control, and somewhere where you can breathe in everything you love all at once.  I got rid of my ugly high school maroon walls and replaced them with a beautiful gray/green which I love.  Also, I have recently been raiding Ikea, I cannot get enough of that store.  I purchased a bookshelf, clothing rack, bed sheets, stencils, frames, candles & put them all together to make my room more, me.  Your room is your own personal sanctuary, WORSHIP IT!

Anyways, Jeffrey Campbell did it again...Enjoy!  Uggghhhh so in love


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