Friday, August 5, 2011

So lately ,

I've gone a little makeup crazy.  In the past I have never felt the need to splurge on makeup.  I always purchased my basics and maybe a Mac palette a year.  Recently I have really got into researching products, how to wear what the right way and so on.  Note: I am extremely allergic to several make up products so this is what got me researching.  Going through books and books on my lunch break in Borders made me realize how all make up books are the exact same (other than the pictures).  They all use the same type of product just different brands.  So through books, blogs and testing it all out I have built up my daily face so here are my 10 daily essentials.

1. PRIME: Primer provides a base for your foundation.
Ulta Fabulous Face $12.50
I just started using this product and I love it.  I have also noticed my skin feeling much softer.  Apply over face  staying out of sensitive eye areas.  Savings: If you sign up to become an Ulta member they will send you coupons weekly.  If you spend $10 you will receive $3.50 off your purchase.   

2. FOUNDATION: Evens out skin tone and hides imperfections.
Clinique Almost Makeup foundation shade 02 $22
Your foundation is really going to depend on your type of skin.  I've gone through so many foundations and this one works the best for me.  Its light mousse-like texture makes my skin feel breathable.  Apply with clean fingertips, body heat will make foundation blend better. Savings: This product sells for $22 in stores but I found that the Off Saks outlet store sells it for $15.

3. HIGHLIGHTER: Conceals and illuminates.
Jemma Kidd Spotlight Intense highlight creme in Red Carpet $12.07
I am sad to say my Target no longer carries this product but finding it on Asos is great because of their no tax and free shipping.  Let me say I love this product and sadly I'm just about out.  My mother isn't crazy for make up but when I used this on her she loved it as well.  It gave her face a beautiful glow and she received compliments too! Apply highlighter to cheekbones, nose, jawbone and collarbone to naturally catch light.

4. EYEBROW PENCIL: Fills in missing areas
Sephora Retractable brow pencil in Midnight Brown $12
I purchased this in New York where it's humid so it came in handy being waterproof.  Also the thin edge makes it easier to limit yourself.  Thick brows are not cute if you don't really have them. Apply in lines avoid coloring tecnique, make sure pencil is sharpened.

5. BLUSH: Gives face a natural flush.
Tarte Natural Beauty cheek stain in Tipsy $30
This has to be my favorite blush mainly because it is not really a stain.  I purchased Benefit' s Benetint and the problem was it would really stain.  If I messed up or applied wrong I would have to remove everything.  The Tarte blush is very soft, blends well and really brings a natural flush to your face.  Apply on the apples of your cheeks (smiling helps) and blend.  Savings: Purchase the Tarte starter kit for $25 and try it all.

6. POWDER:  Sets in foundation and removes unwanted oil from skin.
Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 in shade 01 $24
Clinique products work the best on my face because they are 100% fragrance free.  There is nothing worse than seeing someone with a powder overload.  Less is more, once too much is applied fine lines appear!  Apply with powder brush covering spots once, if skin gets oily use blotting paper rather than applying more.

7. EYELINER: Defines eyes and adds exaggeration.
E.L.F. Studio eyeliner & shadow stick in black/smoke $3
This eyeliner is dark and thick which is great for the inner eyelid.  Based on eye shape apply in strokes.  Savings:  Use code SHIP25 for free shipping and Buy 1 get 1 free.  Offers valid until 8/8.

8. MASCARA: Lengthens and thickens eyelashes.
Maybelline Great Lash Big mascara in Blackest Black $4
Apply from root to tip while moving brush from side to side.  Do not pump brush because it will cause clumping and dry up mascara faster. 

9. EYESHADOW: Brightens and creates a dramatic eye.
Stila Collectable Beach Palette in Wonderful in Waikiki ($62 Value) $14
There are so many great eyeshadows but it really depends on eye color and skin tone to find what looks best.  I recently picked up this Stila Palette there were about five to choose from but I love the warm and bright pigments.  Apply with blending brush starting with the lightest shade then layer with darker shades.

10. LIPSTICK: Adds color for a more full and natural lip.
Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry $15
Clinique's Chubby Sticks are my all time favorite lipstick ever.  The glide on feeling more like a lip balm put add color like a lipstick.  When they dry my lips don't feel flakey and are left with a natural color.  I also own Whole Lotta Honey and Fuller Fig.  Apply carefully to keep in between the lines and powder around lips after to avoid bleeding color.  


  1. I need to try the foundation primer and Chubby stick! Love this post

  2. Once I started using the primer I saw a difference. It gave my foundation so much coverage. I love chubby sticks!