Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Summer time is always the season of "Do It Yourself".  This is where you take your winter pants and turn them into your summer shorts.  It is so fun and saves so much money!  It is perfect for those pieces of clothing that you love but never wear.  If something doesn't fit or isn't just right, fix it!  Not only does it make use of old clothes, but it transforms your article of clothing into a one of a kind.

H&M Divided red denim jacket $29.95

I cut off the sleeves and shredded the ends a little.  Then I added studs to the front and back of the jacket turned vest.  You can find studs at your local record store.  I purchased mine at Dr Strange

I heart SF China Town, San Francisco $6

Next I started working on changing up an I love SF shirt my parents got me from their last trip to San Francisco.  I have had it in my closet forever and have always wanted to wear it I just didn't like the fit.  Now its one of my favorites!  I cut off the sleeves and made a deeper back and neckline.  I also added holes to give it a vintage look and plan on fading out the shirt.  After I added some studs and removed the bottom seam.

Second hand Leopard blouse $2

My last project of the day is my leopard print blouse.  I have had this for a while, I bought it hoping to change it up a bit.  Before the neckline was very small and the sleeves were tight.  I changed the neckline and removed the seams on the arms.  I added a few more holes for a vintage look and like always I added some more studs!  They go perfect with the leopard print and add something unexpected.

The best thing about having your own style is DIY!  So go out and raid your closets, it can be like a new shopping spree all over again.  

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